Anice Read Fund

The Anice Read Fund is named for Anice Read, a founder of Texas Downtown. The Fund was formed in 1999 to honor her legacy and her contributions to Texas downtowns. Grants from the fund are used for a variety of purposes including physical projects, professional development, and program and staff development.

Anice was a beloved and passionate advocate for the historical preservation of Texas downtowns, believing them to be the lifeblood and true heart of a community. She was appointed to the Texas Historical Commission in 1968 and became the first director of the Texas Main Street Program, a THC division.

During her tenure at the Texas Main Street Program, she worked directly with more than 100 Texas communities in restoring and revitalizing the historic fabric of their downtowns. She realized early on that the Main Street Program would not be able to meet the needs of all communities, and founded Texas Downtown to fill that void. Three years after her retirement, following a courageous battle with cancer, Anice passed away on November 30, 1999.

Grant Applications

Grants from the Anice Read Fund are only available to members of Texas Downtown and must have a downtown focus to be eligible. Grant amounts range from $500 to $5,000 and are awarded on an annual basis.

Applications for the Fund are always due by midnight on the Friday prior to Labor Day.
The 2024 deadline is Friday, September 6th.

If you would like to watch a presentation on the Anice Read Grant Program, Click  Here!

Please note that applicants are required to schedule a call with Texas Downtown Executive Director prior to submitting. These will need to be scheduled in early August.

Donate to the Anice Read Fund

The Anice Read Fund would not be possible without the support of downtowners across the state. Show your support of downtown projects and programs by donating to the Fund today! Since 1999, the Fund has distributed over $180,000 in grants, allowing member communities and organizations to leverage over $7 million in funding from other sources.

Credit card donation can be made directly to the fund via the
Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) website.

Day to day operations of the fund are managed by CFT, a nonprofit based in Dallas that oversees funds for organizations, families, and businesses from across Texas. Texas Downtown chose this partnership so that donors to the fund can receive the maximum tax benefit as permitted by state and federal law.

Send check donations made out to the ANICE READ FUND to:

Texas Downtown
PO Box 1509
Levelland, TX 79336